Monday, November 13, 2006

Time to move on from artichokes - especially while the going is good. It's aubergines next. My husband is not happy that I have diverted from a strict alphabetical dictionary listing of vegetables and feels that asparagus should come next. But at the risk of offending other similarly lexicon-sensitive readers, I've already bought the aubergines. Ideas please....


  1. Two words - eggplant parmagiano! There will be so much cheese, bread crumbs, and sauce he won't even know there is aubergine in there. Unless, he doesn't like tomato sauce (as tomato is technically a fruit, I don't know if that gets a slide with him).

    Of course, it's really fatty, but if the goal is eating, then I say its worth it!

  2. Anonymous12:12 AM

    moussaca. it works

  3. Mamta5:05 AM

    I saw your question on my 'kitchen' forum. Aubergine mash, or bhurta/bharta as it is called in India, is very nice for children. You can make it without chillies and garam masala. You will find the recipes on my website. Also, take a look at "Baby foods and how to feed children" at
    In my humble opinion, it is better to give them small amounts of all vegetables persistantly, praising/rewarding when they have eaten it. If cooking Indian food, use low spices and no chillies. Disguising vegetables will not make them eat vegetables when they eat at school or elsewhere. Also, they need to learn to like the vegetables.

  4. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Thanks for this link - I completely agree with you about learning to like the vegetables. That is what I'm hoping to achieve. But its going to take a lot of good ideas, determination and good humour...
    Please keep posting ideas!

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Try Teriyaki Aubergines , the sweet, sticky glaze should tempt Freddie to eat them. Simply griddle thick slices and when they are done, brush them with teriyaki sauce.

    Don't be disheartened if he still doesn't like ALL vegetables. I hated carrots all of my childhood, but being the foodie i am i kept trying them, 'just in case'. Now i love them! Same happened with olives. Loved black olives as a kid, now i only like green ones.

    Anyway, point is that tastes change, so keep encouraging him to try things every so often, in case his tastes change too.

  6. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Great idea Charlotte - good luck with this! I'm still not crazy about my greens and i'm a grown up and should know better. Then again i will have to try and learn not to be an industrial disaster zone in the kitchen first!
    all the best

  7. Anonymous1:31 PM

    What about Delia's stuffed aubergines. Apparently aubergine is one of the most versatile of vegetables. Dice it and fry it. The Turkish dish Immanbyilda (sp) also known as the Priest Fainted, is wonderful and uses a lot of aubergine. Good Luck, biggles

  8. Fondant Fancy8:58 PM

    I've tried mousaka before with limited success, but I enjoyed it! I think the trouble with aubergines (and many other veg) is the texture rather than the taste, the only way my children will eat it is as a ratatouli, blended and served with rice.

  9. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Just thought of another one....Cut the aubergine lengthwise in 1/2 cm thick strips, drizzle with little oil and either bake or fry until soft enough to roll. Then at the end of each one, put in some mozzarella, sun blush toms (or suitable concoction that you think he'll eat!) and roll up. Put the rolls, loose end down in an oven proof dish, season, sprinkle with parmesan and bake for about 10mins. I've also seen this done with a tomato sauce poured on top of the rolls and then baked. The rolls are also quite good for veggie alternatives on BBQs.


  10. Anonymous2:52 AM

    This is a great dish that all of my family enjoy eating and it's very simple.
    Make the bolognese sauce.
    Cut aubergines in halves, drizzle with olive oil and bake in preheated oven until the flesh is soft and you can scoop it out with a spoon. Add aubergine flesh to the bolognese sauce, mix it together and spoon it back into the skins of aubergine.
    Parmesan on top and bake it till cheese melts.


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