Saturday, December 16, 2006

The recipe was left by one of our visitors like a magic spell lying dormant on the blog.

The GreatBigVegetableChallenge is now a little over a month old. I've made 14 posts, learnt to cook four vegetables in many different ways and most importantly watched as my son has parked some of his suspicions and tried these dishes. Technology and vegetables make strange bedfellows but something about this challenge really works. Freddie is seven years old, believes (quite rightly) in Father Christmas, the tooth fairy Jeffrey and the heroism of premiership footballers. And now, the Great Big Veg Challenge has taken on similar status in his mind. It is no longer just a blog but a force in its own right. He monitors the visits by people around the globe, danced around the kitchen when someone from Baku browsed and feels a responsibility to his virtual public to bravely face up to the challenge of putting fork to mouth.

So in this spirit he tried my beetroot risotto last night. The recipe was left by one of our visitors like a magic spell lying dormant on the blog. I then printed it off and brought it to life in our kitchen. It's no longer just a meal delivered by his nagging mother but much much more than that. I have magically disappeared from the equation so the meal isn't rejected out of hand. It is from one of his many followers and so has to be treated with respect. I won't pretend that he has stopped being fussy but he has developed a new politeness at the meal table which means that beetroot risotto was eaten with quiet respect. So the blogged-offerings made by people across the planet to the Great Big Vegetable Challenge are working their magic....


  1. Hi Freddy and Freddy's Mum,
    You seem to be having a great time - I am going to borrow that beetroot risotto recipe, it sounds great. What is the next vegetable going to be? Or are you so in love with beetroot that you aren't ready to move on.
    Hope you have a very vegetably Chanukah/Christmas/Festive period!

  2. We are ready to move on but unsure of the next vegetable....we try and do three recipes per veg. we had beetroot cake, risottoo and roast.
    So next stop - its maybe beans - but that is a bit of a catch-all veg. Green beans, baked beans, a thousand types of b's.
    Any other b vegetables you can think of?

  3. Butternut squash, brussel sprouts, borlotti beans (if you want to be specific about the beans).. will see if I can think of more. If you are interested I have a great new butternut squash recipe for pasta.

  4. Clare - yes please. Ill make it butternut squash yet in your honour!
    I cant face brussel sprouts yet. They would be a very hard sale indeed to Freddie!


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