Saturday, January 20, 2007

B for Broadbeans

Our homemade baked beans on toast were delicious. The Baked Bean recipe takes a lot of cooking but it's worth it. I added a little tomato puree so that it was more like the tinned version. Maybe its a bit perverse to make homemade food for kids that tastes like the processed version...
The B vegetables are beginning to become tedious. There are too many beans so we're taking a cross-section of bean experiences for this part of the GreatBigVegChallenge.
I think if Freddie and I linger any longer with beans we will run the risk of joining Pythagoras who died being pursued into a bean field. He felt unable to trample on any of the them, believing that the souls of man transformed into beans after death. Its a slippery slope to madness so our parting shot is broad bean soup which this recipe claims is for children who hate broad beans. Trouble is there is normal hate and there is pathological hatred. Will report back.

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