Monday, January 01, 2007

Sprouts and Wayne Rooney

"We have them par boiled and then dunked in iced water to stop them cooking, then fry some bacon, garlic and shallots add the sprouts and sautee for couple of mins then add some reisling and allow to reduce rapidly untill most of the liquid is gone and the sprouts should be just right. or par boil angian the sautee with chesnuts, thats nice too. "

The eve of the New Year and our celebrational meal couldn't have been more glamourous; Sprout stirfry. Well, having children lowers one's expectations of what constitutes an exciting night. So we saw in the New Year with a recipe from one of you. Sprouts can be made to be enjoyable. We added egg noodles and asparagus tips and it was delicious. I looked at Freddie who was busy arranging his Shoot Out cards across the table and he ate this meal without any dramas. His eyes were focussed on Wayne Rooney rather than the shredded sprouts, though physically there is more than a passing resemblance between the two. I wonder if Wayne Rooney's mother fed him too many as a child.


  1. Great blog idea - don't have any exciting sprout ideas I'm afraid. More generally one recipe I make that all kids, however fussy seem to like is Sweet Potato and Tomato soup - maybe good for 'S' :) Have added a link to you.

  2. Shredded sprouts are definitely the way of the future. Especially with a bit of bacon, a couple of chesnuts and some cream thrown in.

    We had this as our Chrissy day sprout recipe. Yum yum yum!

  3. debbie4:10 PM

    sprout puree. boil sprouts till tender then puree in a blender with lots of butter and freshly grated nutmeg. Promise it tastes nothing like a sprout (not that there is anything wrong with it its my favourite vegetable of all time) and changes texture into more like a starchy veg. Most people can't even ID it and think it has potatoes in it or something.

  4. Anonymous3:02 PM

    hi we are at school and brussel sprouts are hynes

  5. Anonymous3:10 PM

    sprouts are mangin bur rooneys fine

  6. i am not sure about sprouts.But rooney is great.I don't welcome rooney to be compared with this things.


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