Wednesday, April 11, 2007

C is for Celery - Baked Cheesy Celery

We disappeared to Cornwall for Easter but took with us a print-off of our latest GBVC recipe - sent to Freddie by a very generous chef David Hall. This is Baked Cheesy Celery. The only addition I made was a sprinkling of bread crumbs on top. We served it accompanied by Cornish pasties and sat outside in 70 degree sunshine wondering how we would ever find the motivation to drive back home to London.
This could easily be served as a main dish. If you are looking to pretend that you aren't eating celery, this isn't the recipe for you. But the celery has been tamed by being braised in chicken stock. It isn't so stringy and the cheesy sauce makes it delicious. Freddie gave it 8 out of 10. I'm uncertain how his marking system works. He is mysterious and highly impartial - like all good judges. He did say that the dish lost two marks because "the celery is not very hidden." By the way David, an 8 out of ten is a very high score by Freddie's standards. Thank you!
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  1. You have made me a proud fella today Freddie, 8 out of 10! Marvellous. Very chuffed. And you should be proud of yourself too, I love reading this blog and I can't wait to test out more recipes on your journey from A to Z.

    Lots of thoughts

  2. I think braising celery is just the right treatment for it. As I said before, I would peel the outside of the celery to remove the tougher fibers.


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