Wednesday, April 18, 2007

C is for Cucumber - Gazpacho soup


Our inappropriate homage to spring sun continues with Gazpacho soup. I adapted the recipe slightly, swapping sweeter red peppers for the green. I have been struggling to find recipes for cucumber that essentially deny the cucumber a prominent role. It has to be more of an off-stage backing singer rather than star of the show. So Gazpacho soup was perfect. We sat outside in our fleeces basking in the barely warm spring sun, sipping chilled soup. I suspect that the neighbours were looking through their curtains laughing. That's the trouble with living in a city - it is harder to hide your eccentricities. Freddie loved the taste of Gazpacho and didn't believe that it contained the evil cucumber. And he didn't mind the soup being cold. Let's face it, he has spent all his life avoiding eating what is on his plate until the last possible moment, so he is used to cold food. Eventually though he asked me, apologetically, if I could put his bowl in the microwave. And of course I did. So he had warmed up Gazpacho which is probably called something completely different. But it was good and earned an eight out of ten. It was a success and I don't care what the neighbours think.
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  1. Glad the gazpacho hit the mark, Charlotte. It is usually a summer soup because it originated as a restorative and was made with bread and garlic and vinegar. Then the tomato came along and that was added. Then cucumbers and other vegetables. Now most people know it as a vegetable soup.


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