Thursday, April 12, 2007

C is for Cucumber

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Well, we tried three very different celery recipes so it was time to move on to cucumber. I know this is another vegetable that Freddie has always loathed (one of many). So I am prepared to be adventurous and try out any ideas you have. But please don't suggest cutting them into batons and serving them with a tasty dip because that won't work. Serving vegetable sticks with taramasalata or hummous is not a winning approach. He'll eat the dip but not the vegetable.
I walked through Leather Lane Market in Holborn past a juice stall, where they will create whatever combination of fruit and vegetable concoction you like. Apple, cucumber and orange was on their menu. So I bought some and carried it home on the underground taking care not to slosh my fellow travellers. Looking at the colour in the photograph above I suppose it does have a touch of the Kryptonite about it. If someone had told me that it was radioactive I might have believed them. But despite its toxic overtones, I really wasn't expecting such a violent response from my son. "Are you trying to torture me?" he cried. " I thought the Great Big Veg Challenge was all about nice recipes that made vegetables taste different - this is just cucumber juice!" To be honest, it was more apple and orange juice with a mere dash of toxic cucumber. It tasted of apple juice. Anyhow, as a gentle introduction to cucumber it backfired. So juicing clearly isn't the way ahead. I wish I had spilt it in the Tube afterall - it would probably have sparked off a major incident response.


  1. Try just slicing it and sprinkling lemon-pepper on it. Quinten loves to eat it that way (he's 7 but he's liked it for a couple of years).

  2. Why not wait till summer, when cucumbers are in season, and try a nice gazpacho?

  3. GreatbigVegChallenge10:52 AM

    Ed - thats a good idea. But we still have this challenge of working through the alphabet. Its something that is fun for kids and sometimes we hit what is in season and at other times not. Obviously when it is in season it is a million times tastier.
    Our British cabbage season made that vegetable letter really successful!
    Charlotte and Freddie


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