Tuesday, May 08, 2007

C is for Cress

The vegetable cress has a great claim to fame. Captain Cook's crew apparently ate something known as scurvy grass to keep them healthy and it belongs to the cress family. Clearly salad cress is a rather more domestic version. It sits in a plastic box looking like a grass lawn in the suburbs. And this is the next vegetable in our challenge.
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  1. I just stumble on your site and it is amazing. And your Freddie is very handsome. What a great idea.
    Thank you for your creativity. :)

  2. Come on, get them egg and cress sandwiches made!

    Of course you cn only be eating cress in its raw state, so any handful of cress tossed into an interesting salad is going to add a peppery bite.


  3. Why not grow some cress with Freddie! I use to love growing cress as a child and it grows so quickly! I think it looks particularly attractive grown in a hollowed out egg shell with a face drawn on. It would then be lovely in a soup with some of the cress reserved to float on top like water lilies drifting across a pond!


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