Friday, May 25, 2007

The game of tag

I've been tagged by Tinned Tomatoes (its a blogging thing). I always ended up as 'it' in the playground. So here goes.
Seven Random Food Facts
1. At the age of nine I kept a Brussel sprout in my mouth for two hours, eating my pudding (conditional on eating the sprout) with the vegetable hidden in the corner of a cheek. After supper I went to the top of the house and threw the sprout out of the attic window, into the garden.
2. At school I held the record for drinking the most glasses of milk without being sick. (8 glasses,the record remains unbroken)
3. I had coffee with Tony Blair at his home before he became Prime Minister.
4. I can make great Chelsea buns but terrible pastry.
5. My first temping job as a student was to cook for a young schoolmaster who was recovering from a back operation. He was the reason I learnt to cook.
6.When pregnant I consumed oceans of Sushi.
7. One year I stayed up until two in the morning icing the initials of all Alexandra’s classmates onto the top of 32 homemade fairy cakes. The following year, on her birthday, I bought 32 ready decorated cakes from the supermarket and let people think they were homemade.

I now have to "tag" several other people and inflict the urge to list-make on them.
David of Book the Cook, Garrett of Vanilla Garlic, Helen the angry commuter and Professor Adrian Monck you are tagged!


  1. That was great! I told you it would be fun! So you are a list maker at heart as I am, I salute you!
    I am going to remember the brussel sprout trick as they are the only veg I don't like, so far!

  2. I LOVE that you passed off supermarket cupcakes as your own! I've been known to buy prepared food, put it in my servingware, and let people think what they want!

  3. You evil tagger! Cracking sprout story, how did you keep it in for so long? I was tagged a few weeks back off Hannah and me being a man, and men being things that love lists, I couldn't resist. I will compile something later this weekend as I have a childless weekend ahead for a change, therefore socialising beckons. Hic...

  4. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I went home for lunch at primary school. One day my mother gave me a stick of celery as I was returning for the afternoon. I kept the stringy bits in my mouth like chewing gum all afternoon. I must have been about Freddie's age at the time.


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