Tuesday, July 03, 2007

K is for Kale Chips

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Our Kale festival went from strength to strength with a recipe left by Beth, who blogs at the Expatriate Kitchen. Her recipe for Crispy Kale reminded us of the crispy seaweed served at Chinese restaurants. It had a light crispy texture and was tasty. But Freddie and his friend Matthew found them a little salty. There was genuine praise from Freddie who said, "This doesn’t taste anything like a vegetable.” 8 out of 10 was his score. Thank you Beth.


  1. Fried egg and kale chips - YES!

  2. Thats a good idea. Or poached egg on kale chips would be yummy too...

  3. It was meant as an alternative to that great Northern classic - egg and chips! But thinking about it, it may work, hmmmm....

  4. I love Kale. Pity my kids don't. I'm glad yours did!


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