Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mushroom and Halloumi kebabs


Our mushroom fest continues. We made Halloumi and mushroom kebabs, skewering chunks of halloumi alongside chestnut mushrooms. We grilled them and the squeaky-saltiness of the halloumi flavours the mushrooms. He who used to hate mushrooms ate the kebabs and scored them 7 out of 10.
We are trying to do a bit of forward planning with our alphabet and want to appeal to all of your expertise out there. We are looking for vegetables beginning with Q, U and X.
Any thoughts?
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  1. What a great idea, Charlotte! I never thought of using halloumi in kebabs, and the pairing with the earthy mushrooms looks savory and delicious! I am going to give the Q, U, and X situation some serious thought.

  2. Not quite a vegetable, yet not quite a grain - for q, I recommend Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa). It is considered one of the great super foods. High in protein and nutrients, but often used as a grain in place of rice.

  3. I don't know of any off hand (I keep thinking of Fruit) but maybe be sneaky and try other languages? Spanish or French to start, maybe they have veggies which start with those letters.....

  4. I've got to find me some of this cheese, lots of people are posting about halloumi cheese lately.

  5. Hi Charlotte,
    I have searched the net and come up with the urad bean and ulluco which are both listed on wikipaedia. as yet I can't find any for x and q. Hope this helps.
    Sara from farmingfriend

  6. I think you may need to hunt through other languages for some of those.

    There's a curry that starts with X- xacuti? Also, Xiao Baicai- also known as bok choy.

    I can only think of fruit for U- ugli fruit, umeboshi plums, and again, there are several Indian dishes that start with U.

    Maybe some of that helps? I'll keep thinking.

  7. Billie4:16 AM

    Xigua Squash

  8. Hi - those kebabs look delicious - good comfort food on a lovely rainy cold August day! Love the texture of halloumi cheese - just right with mushrooms.

    Remember your League of Lettuce? Raymond Blanc and his team of tasters did one too and the results are in "The Garden" magazine September issue. And the winner according to the master taste-buds of M. Blanc is .... "Little Gem", but we already knew that because Freddie got there first!!!!!

    Q, U and X - will give that some thought for you.

  9. Patrick Smith11:53 AM

    Not sure about X or U...and I thought I had a Q - Qumquat - but alas it is Kumquat. But having just come back from Corfu where they grow aplenty, I'd reccommend them for K all the same.
    Great blog by the way, I've really enjoyed it so far and always look forward to it popping up in my RSS reader.

  10. Thanks for all these ideas.
    Much appreciated.
    I will be trying to search for them across London.
    Patrick - so glad you enjoy the blog.

  11. I've grilled halloumi on a frying pan, but including it on a kebab stick sounds like a great idea! Especially with mushrooms - such a great ingredient!

  12. What about quince for Q? It's nice in apple pies (half apples, half quinces), and can be cooked into membrillo to go with cheese, or roasted in the oven and eaten as a dessert.
    And quinoa - although not vegetable, but it's delicious and super-healthy and unusual. So maybe you could do two Q-thingies??
    U - ugli fruit is the only thing I can think of, too.

  13. I have just started using Halloumi cheese after being introduced to it by Holler. These bobs look yummy and using the grill is always a favorite of mine!

  14. Ursula L2:52 AM

    For "U" perhaps hit the Indian shops for urd dal? A type of lentil.

  15. justarandomguy7:35 PM

    quince,urad bean,xeromorph

  16. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Q- Quinoa


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