Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Pepper Burgers



This has absolutely nothing to do with red peppers but it entertained me as I sat in the park yesterday. On the bench next to me a woman in Gucci loafers sat chatting to a man wearing pastel orange cashmere. She stood up and called out to her companion."Oscar, come over here darling. Its time to synch our diaries."
Oscar, who was head to toe in Ralph Lauren came over and sat with them, on the floor in front. They all got out their diaries. These were the kind of diaries that you see featured in colour supplements, covered in soft leather. With the kind of precision that you normally see in synchronised swimming, they all opened the page at November. Gucci Loafer woman was clearly in charge.
"Right then, if you can just pencil in that Mummy is in New York from the 3rd of November to the 8th. That is M in NY. Oscar, if you can pencil in that Maria will be looking after you over that week. Then she will hand you over to Assunta on the 8th as Daddy will be in Hong Kong from the 7th to 11th. Can you just put D and H-K on those days."
By now Oscar had dropped his pencil. His pale blue diary lay on the tarmac. He was flying around like an aeroplane, arms stretched out."Look at me. I am flying" he yelled. Mr Cashmere and Mrs Gucci tried to persuade him to return to his diary.
Oscar must have been about 4 years old. Diary synchronising at 4 years old????

Anyhow I came home with my red and orange bell peppers and roasted them. This involved the normal palava with the mop handle and the smoke alarm. One of the comments left on the blog suggested I serve them with burgers. So I made some simple beef burgers. I rubbed the blackened skins from the peppers under cold water and then cut out a round the same size as the burger. I did the same thing with a round of mozzarella cheese, cutting out a shape from the middle with a cookie cutter. Once the burger was cooked I placed the pepper on top, then the mozzarella and served them. Martha Stewart would have been proud of me. The cheese melts over the pepper and Freddie was impressed. He scored the pepper burger 8 out of 10.
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  1. The addition of a roasted pepper to a burger is priceless. So is the story about the "Gucci" family and their syncronized diaries!!I Can't imagine my daughter keeping track of her schedule at 4. Those were the days of toilet roll collections and picking flowers and making ant homes in the outfield at T-ball.

  2. Martha Stewart isn't the only one who'd be proud of you -- we're all proud! Wonderful presentation!

  3. Those look great! What a good idea to use the cookie cutter!
    Peppers just taste so great when they are charred, don't they? And, I have just the gadget to do it! Bought a blowtorch yesterday with wedding vouchers, now I just have to figure out where to buy the gas for it!

  4. Those are some adorable bites!

  5. Anonymous12:24 AM

    I'm smiling!
    Good on you, Freddie, I like this burger and hoped you would also!

    Kim from Sweden

  6. Kim - I was hoping you would come back to see the results of your tip.Thanks - we all loved it.

    Kelly - They are delicious - do try them out.

    Holler - Congratulations on your wedding. I have never owned a blow of those gadgets I think I might incinerate the kitchen with!

    Lydia - Thank you!

    Valli - I cant imagine keeping track of my own schedule as an adult. Parks are full of unusual people.

  7. Loved the "Gucci" family story - what's Oscar going to be like when he grows up? Scary! Hope he rebels (and becomes normal).

    What a brilliant idea to use the cookie cutters on cheese - opens up a whole new creative savoury world!


  8. What a story ... what do you think will become of poor Oscar? How on earth will he be at 14? 24? It doesn't bear thinking about.

    Love the burgers ... memo to self: presentation seems to be key in getting people to eat what they think they don't like ;)


  9. Oh I love these burgers - they are too pretty to eat and MS would indeed be proud of you Charlotte! Loved the Gucci story!

  10. jennanndavis@gmail.com3:27 PM

    My husband has either created or found the best recipe for a red bell pepper cream sauce to serve over noodles. By the time I get it out of his head and into an email, I'm sure you'll have moved on to the next new and exciting veggie. But it is delish!

  11. Jennanndavis - let us know about it if you can extract it from his mind!

  12. I love that Freddie's more likely to eat a bulrush than synchronize his diary - what a bunch of freaks! It's like my friend's 11 year old cousin who's been raised in NYC. Constantly asking "who are you wearing?" and talking about how rich her friends are. Gross!
    Great idea with these burgers, Charlotte! I'll be sure to try them - the sweetness of the pepper against the burger and cheese is genius!

  13. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I'm guilty of serving this burger bitesize för grownups lika a coqtailsack. A little grated parmesan i minimoulds whit sesam-seeds oma ba bakingsheet, baked in the owen until brown and crispy litte crackers is good with these small burgers.

    Kim from sweden

  14. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Here is a classic, maybe I grill the peppers if it's the skin on them that Freddie don't like.
    I think Freddie can help with tihs recepie, and I think he will like it!

    Kim (again!)

  15. Freddie is such a dear with all his eights. I think you have your problem licked! Funny story about the diaries. I really like your stories...still think about the Fryer story. Will look forward to more. Thank you.

  16. OMG, journal synchronising at 4?! wow!

  17. We were in Highgate Park on Sunday morning - I think I saw clones of these people, only a few mind!

  18. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Martha Stewart will be even more proud of you if you use her technique for removing the charred skins. There's a lot of flavor and nutrients that go down the drain if you rinse the roasted peppers under water. Instead, once the peppers are charred (under the broiler or, as I do, right on the rack over the gas burner, or I guess with a fabulous blowtorch!), wrap each pepper in its own paper towel. Let them steam until cool enough to handle. Then, using both hands, use the paper towel to rub off the skin. Use another paper towl if necessary. Cut, drain, and deseed as usual.

    Love your blog. Best wishes!


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