Saturday, November 17, 2007

You like potato and I like Po-tah-to!


Before we say goodbye to the potato, we wanted to know all about your favourite jacket potato recipes and toppings. If you have heard of the tv programme "Pimp my Car!", this is "Pimp my potato!" The food thought police may well prevent us from counting a potato as one of our five-a-day but if you have any canny ways of adding a few vegetable go-fast stripes, let us know. Over the next three days, Freddie, Alex and I will be sharing some of our favourite recipes with you.
If you have a blog, please email me your post or if you want, just leave your ideas in the comment box.
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  1. Pimp my potato!!! I'm laughing!

  2. Sarah in Indiana7:46 PM

    I love baked (jacket) potatoes topped with steamed broccoli and cheese sauce. I'm also a fan of them topped with chili, or refried beans, salsa, sour cream, green onions. Taco potatoes--yummy.

    Rebaked potatoes are really popular in my family, too. Bake them, scoop out the insides, mash'em up with your favorite stuff -- for example, milk, cheese, garlic, and chives. Top with a little more cheese, and bake again.

    Baked potato soup is good too! When I make that I save the skins to make potato skins.

  3. schmoof4:51 PM

    Potato and celeriac gratin is delicious. Have you visited the sweet potato yet? Maybe that would be an idea...

  4. Must be an Indiana thing as I was going to mention microwaved broccoli and cheese over a jacket potato. I also love baked beans or tuna and sweet corn. You could always do pizza ones too. with tomatoe sauce and mushrooms or carrots and courgettes chopped fine, a bit like a bolognaise sauce.

    And I love the little purple jacket by the way!!! :)

  5. My potatoes have been pimped guys, you know where to find them.

    All the best
    David x

  6. Hi Charlotte, I have taken up your challenge and produced Pesto Power on a Potato! I have emailed you the details, hope you like it!

  7. Hi Charlotte,
    I have added your baked potato quest to the UK Food Blogger Association Blog, I thought they might enjoy joining in! Hope you don't mind!

  8. Ginger11:21 AM

    Hi Charlotte,

    My favourite way to eat potatoes is to bake them in the oven, scoop out the insides and mix them with fish, parsley, horseradish, cheese and butter.

    Scoop all that back into the potato, top with some extra cheese and them grill until melted.

    Lovely :)


  9. Hi Charlotte, I will tell you what is the most common topping here in Australia... start with butter or marg, then grated cheese, next is coleslaw salad, a blob of sour cream and some sliced sping onions (long green things, not sure if you call them something else)... that is what I always have... Vida x x x

  10. great Big Vegetable Challenge11:31 AM

    Holler - thanks that is brilliant. The more the merrier. It is about time the humble baked potato received some recognition.

    David - I love the Devilled Crabbie Tatties. Perfect perfect perfect.

    Pat - thank you for those filling ideas. Our broccoli one is a bit like that. It is creamy and sweet from the mint which goes down well in our home.

    Sarah - thank you - we like rebaked potatoes too.

    We will do so - that is a great combination. We are giving sweet potato their very own category as they are unrelated to potatoes...

  11. My chorizo and manchego stuffed jackets are on their way - I just have to make them first!


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