Saturday, February 16, 2008

Veggies: Variety is the spice of life!

We noticed a dramatic spike in the numbers of visitors from the USA to the Great Big Vegetable Challenge and traced it back to a paper published by the American Institute for Cancer Research. They are promoting the health benefits of eating a wider variety of vegetables and fruit and varying your diet. The title of the paper -"Veggies: More Variety for Maximum Cancer Protection" and they are trying to persaude people to expand their diet beyond starchy vegetables like potatoes. We were so excited to see that they recommend people eating through the A to Z of vegetables and linked directly to our blog.
Selling the health benefits of a better diet to an eight year old boy isn't easy, but it made me feel better that all the hundreds of meals we have made over the last 13 months may have another long term benefit for all of the family.


  1. That is an awesome graphic of all your pictures! Love it. That's exciting being featured in a published paper, congratulations!

  2. Thank you.
    We were amazed!

  3. Well done on the link and I love the way you have presented this collage of photos. Sara from farmingfriends

  4. Congrats on the link! I love all the creative vegetable recipes you have on this site. I'm a vegetable lover, but sometimes just simply stir-frying them and roasting them gets a little boring. Thanks so much and I hope that when I have children they'll be just as adventurous as Freddie is being right now :)

  5. I'm an American reader (sorry, I cannot remember how I came across your site) and I love your blog. Thanks so much! My 4 year old is enjoying our own path through the alphabet (asparagus=10! avocado=10! broccoli=5? butternut squash=1?! beets=150!) -- so appreciate your idea and your posts.

  6. Mamabird
    I am glad that you are enjoying your own journey with your child. And I love the random scoring.
    Have you tried making a naming and shaming fridge?

    Thanks. We are moving onto rocket - or aragula next...Keep coming back!

    Farming Friends.
    it is only when I created a collage that I saw how the number of dishes we had tried out - and that is just a fifth of ll the different meals! Hope you are all well -

  7. I'm an American reader as well.

    I love this idea! I bet that my kids would really enjoy this. I have been trying to come up with a way to introduce new vegetables and this is a great idea.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. i love your blog, i've been following it for a few months. being in australia, i'm a few months out of sync with your recipes, but there are always great ideas when i need them. and i agree with the others, a beautiful collage.

    i sometimes use rocket in a frittata with zucchini (courgette), feta cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, and any other stuff that happens to be around.

    not sure how much fred and alex would enjoy this, but another dish i find popular around here is fresh rocket with balsamic vinegar, walnuts and parmesan cheese; or fresh rocket, goat's cheese, and some oven roasted beetroot.


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