Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 3 - Butternut Squash Lasagne

It is Day Three of the Great Big Squash Up and today's lunch, butternut squash lasagne, comes to us courtesy of Ed Bruske Lane from The Slow Cook. Ed lives in Washington DC, a mile from the White House. On his blog is his manifesto, like a protestor's placard, railing against all thats wrong about modern processed junk food. "Reject fast food! Reject waiting lists at over-hyped, outrageously expensive restaurants! Reject food out of season! Sit, eat drink. Enjoy good food made by caring hands. Enjoy food eaten slowly, in good company."

Well with due reverence and with Ed's words ringing in my ears, I washed my caring hands and made this delicious meal. The recipe is over on his site and it won't disappoint you. Above is the before picture and below is the happy aftermath. Freddie and Alex both gave Ed's lasagne full marks, ten out of ten. The only trouble is we didn't really keep to the spirit of Ed's manifesto - at least the eaten slowly bit. This was consumed with indecent haste...Sorry Ed!
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Another superb squash recipe has been posted by David Hall who we met last summer at Abingdon Children's Food Festival. David lives in South Tyneside and like Ed in Washington, he is passionate about persuading people to learn to cook and enjoy good food. He has created The Cumbrian Squashy Poton his Book the Cook blog. This looks fabulous and contains black or white pudding. For any of you unfamiliar with black pudding, this is what it looks like. I grew up in Scotland and we would have black pudding for Sunday breakfast.
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Don't forget our other Great Big Squash Up contributors from around the world and featured in our last two posts.
1.Cynthia Nelson from Tastes Like Home with her sauted squash recipe which uses herbs, garlic and hot pepper to spice up what can be a bland vegetable. Thank you Cynthia!
2.Alanna Kellogg from Kitchen Parade Veggie Venture with Roasted Zucchini in orange and lemon. Thanks Alanna!
3. Hannah from Hannah's Country Kitchen has created a warming squash risotto for us to try out. Thanks Hannah...
4. And Manda from the the cat of stripes blog has been cooking up a Greek Pumpkin Pie from her home in Normandy in France. Manda - Thank you for kolokithopita!
There are countless more wonderful recipes in the comment boxes for you to try out. Please keep telling us your favourites. Freddie and Alex are strangely comfortable with the Great Big Squash Up. This is one vegetable that seems to be greeted with open arms.


  1. Hi,

    I've never been a big fan of butternut squash (too sweet for me) but I love a good lasagne. This may be what changes my mind!

    BTW - I've started a blog. It's less than a week old, but I've linked yours on it, hope you don't mind.

    Lizzie (aka. Schmoof!)

  2. kAREN6:56 PM

    Wow, that looks great. I know my kids would love it.

  3. Charlotte, it's a real honour and a pleasure to be a part of this series. I admire what you do so much. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Charlotte of GBVC7:32 AM

    Karen - Let me know if they like it! The next recipe for Baked Gem Squash is another winner.

    Cynthia - I love it when you drop by to the blog. Please keep visiting. x

    Schmoof - Welcome to the blogging fraternity. I always thought you were secretly a blogger! Everyone go and visit Lizzie Eats London!

  5. Roasted butternut squash lasagna sounds really good!

  6. Kevin -
    It doesnt just sound good - we can vouch for the fact it tastes great too. x


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