Thursday, May 08, 2008

T is for Tomato Lipsmackers


You know that your work-life balance is completely awry when you only see your child asleep. Alex sleeps facing upwards with her arms and legs akimbo whilst Freddie sleeps on his stomach, his head under the pillow and his limbs tucked underneath him, looking as if he was hibernating in the arctic. Which is strange because it has been very warm in London this week. I have been working in Dubai where it was over 40 C. When I came back to London yesterday the thermometer in the garden claimed that it had been 29C. So I revisted a previous success of the Great Big Veg Challenge and made Veggie Lipsmackers. This time we used tomato juice combined with purple grape juice and orange juice. The children teemed and ladled, tasted and then froze their creations. Freddie awarded his Tomato Lipsmacker a refreshing 8 out of 10.
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  1. Cerys would LOVE these!!!!


  2. She will love the teeming and ladling even more David. Try them and post them - we could start a veggie lipsmacker revolution over the hot weekend ahead!


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