Friday, May 30, 2008

The Turnip is your friend....

Take one man, a moustache, some tight denim shorts and a line of turnips and you have a hit on You Tube. This film comes to you courtesy of the Survivalist Boards, who want you to know that the turnip is your friend. And who am I to argue?

Listen out at the last few minutes of the end of the film - the background barking of a dog comes to an abrupt that a gunshot I can hear?


  1. Wow, he really sells the turnip, doesn't he?! ;)

  2. I just made a delicious lunch using turnip greens. I don't know why I haven't eaten them in a long time. I just love them.

  3. Sylvie
    He does....I understand he has a whole series of these films - he does the same for the onion, carrot etc...

    Ben - You've been unduly influenced by the man on the survivalist boards! You might start wearing tight denim shorts next....

  4. His turnip greens looked a bit anemic, but he made a good case for a much maligned vegetable. I didn't know the greens could be eaten raw. I wonder what they taste like ... Hmmmm.

  5. Meg
    They look a bit weedy dont they?
    I agree he is standing up for the poor turnip. But what happened to the dog in the background??


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