Thursday, June 19, 2008

Watercress and Pine Nut Mayonnaise with Crimson Asparagus


This recipe for Watercress and Pine Nut Mayonnaise was left by theSydney Grocer who writes the blog "Get Real" and lives one kilometre from Sydney harbour. Her business is supplying good quality fresh food to people's homes so if you are lucky enough to live in Sydney check them out...
I changed the recipe a bit to leave out the mayonnaise and simply used thick creme fraiche and it worked perfectly. Then we needed something to go with it. Freddie spotted crimson red asparagus in the supermarket. It is grown in Worcestershire. It has a beautiful beetroot red colour but when you blanche it in boiling water it turns a dark green. Asparagus has become a favourite vegetable so Freddie and Alex wanted to know if red asparagus tasted any different. It was so sweet and tender that Freddie was munching on it raw. The watercress and pine nut mayonnaise is delicious with the asparagus. Both scored 9 out of 10.


If you see crimson asparagus on sale - do try it out!


  1. glad to assist and thank you very much for the mahusive shout out.

  2. Crimson asparagus - wow I never knew that existed. Beautiful recipe, hadn't noticed that one on the cuisine site.

  3. Kathryn, I suspect this is what Australians call, rather plainly, purple asparagus.

  4. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I've seen the purple asparagus, but have never been tempted to get it...until now! Great post. I will pick some up next time I'm at the store.

  5. God, I could eat a bowl of these right now!!!!!


  6. Charlotte at GBVC5:54 AM

    David - They are so delicious. And good enough to eat raw. At least the ones we bought were superb. We are going back to the shop today to buy some more.

    Dobetter - Thanks. Do you see this where you live?

    Kathyrn and Grocer - Sorry to reveal my ignorance - but is there a lot of asparagus grown in Australia?

  7. Good to have another unusual veg to rty - Thanks for introducing us to the crimson asparagus !

  8. Beautiful asparagus! Nice that it turns dark green after cooking.

  9. Charlotte at Great Big Veg5:35 PM

    Cynthia - Do you get asparagus where you live - forgive my ignorance!

    Meg - Yes I am sure that someone who understands plants a bit better than me will know why it does that..

    TopVeg - Do you grow asparagus on your farm?

  10. Hi there,

    thanks for calling by, and yes, it was Mottisfont Abbey, but it is in Hampshire, just south of Stockbridge.

    I like your vegetable Alphabet idea, I shall be back to read some more.

    Best Wishes,


  11. Looks lovely Charlotte and nice sauce too!

  12. What a delicious recipes, I simply have to try it this week. Thanks for sharing it with us

  13. some of my replies go missing. not sure why.
    yes we grow asparagus in australia.
    i have no idea how much.

  14. Wow, that asparagus is beautiful! Is its flavour very different or is it like a purple podded pea - stunning to look at but tastes the same?

  15. Charlotte at GBVC6:55 AM

    Silver pebble - The flavour is pretty similar but it was sweeter and more tender

    Grocer - Not sure why your replies are disappearing - I think that has been happening a bit recently with others too! Sorry.
    Hoodia Gordonii - You're welcome - try it out and tell me what you think!
    Holler - It is a nice sauce - and you dont need the mayonnaise - it is great with creme fraiche alone.
    Zoe - I thought I recognised it. Thanks for visiting

  16. Crimson asperagus looks lovely and I am sure it is yummy. I have never seen it but I will be on the look out for it:)


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