Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Escaping the alphabet...part one


Heading up the motorway for a weekend in Suffolk after a week of giving interviews, we were looking forward to a rest.
"Does that mean we are eating normally now - no alphabet?" asked Alex.
"Yes, I replied. "No alphabet. We will be eating loads of vegetables still but that's it for the alphabet."
"Actually Mum", said Freddie, "This weekend I am not eating ANY vegetables at all. I have talked about them all week and I want a rest." We agreed it could be a vegetable free weekend.
We arrived at our friends' beautiful 15th century home, where they grow soft fruit and have a lovely vegetable garden,which Freddie resolutely avoided. He got his cricket set out and started to play with Chris. A while later the ball fell into a flowerbed. He went to retrieve it,foraging around amongst the stalks of some huge prickly looking flowers. He looked up.
"What are these? They look enormous - like something a dinosaur would eat."
"They are Globe Artichokes," replied our friend Sue.
Freddie looked up at the artichokes who winked back at him.
"Those are the ones we ate with all the butter right at the beginning of the Great Big Veg Challenge," he said.
He went back to the cricket game. But a little while later he came and found us in the kitchen as we were getting the artichokes ready for supper. This was a task that required a strong pair of kitchen scissors and tough skin to withstand the spikes.
"I know I said I didn't want to eat any vegetables this weekend but I would like some of those artichokes, as long as there is loads of butter."
So not only did he eat artichokes with gusto, something even more sinister happened. We found ourselves back at the beginning of the alphabet again. Which is not what I wanted at all. Are there strange vegetable forces at work?
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  1. Oh, Charlotte, this is wonderful!

    The cyclical nature of the growing seasons; back to the beginning of the alphabet.

    And fresh globe artichokes. I am VERY jealous!

  2. Charlotte at Great Big Veg Challenge6:15 AM

    It was wonderful. But I still feel the alphabet is out to get us...

  3. Charlotte, well done!! I to am jealous of you all eating fresh artichokes. And my copy of the cookbook is on it's way!! I can't wait to get it.

  4. Great story. I knew the lad was now addicted. By the way, I've just given Cerys her 1st experience with an artichoke and despite a bit of hesitation, she really enjoyed them. I love 'em, reminds me of hols in Brittany.


  5. I found you through 101 cookbooks and I love your site. It's so exciting to me that you went through the entire alphabet of vegetables with your son and are now at the beginning. What a great journey!

  6. Anonymous8:59 PM

    I have simply LOVED reading this blog and sharing your adventure in VEGETABLE LAND. Glad to have this post and sincerely hope you'll continue to blog.

  7. So what's next now that the alphabet is over?

  8. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I've now sat here for 2 hours, reading through your site, and those you have linked to it, wow!!!! I've grown and cooked veg for years, yet you still got me wowing!! I received your book through the post this morning, and it's brilliant, thank you so much, and best wishes for wherever you go from here, and hi Freddie!!! I heard you on the radio, you were fab!!! Kate x

  9. Charlotte - I know I'm sort of out in the middle of nowhere here, but I did get to a city with a bookstore (B. Dalton Books) yesterday. I immediately asked if they had your book - and she didn't know what I was talking about! A check on her computer said you weren't even listed!! Is your book not available here in the USA?

  10. Hi Charlotte,
    Funny how these things go, isn't it? Great job, I enjoyed reading immensely! I especially loved your photos of Freddie.

  11. Great Big Veg Challenge10:16 AM

    Meg Woolf - Thank you. It is funny. We are haunted by the alphabet STILL!
    Sally _ If you link through to Amazon co uk you can get it - but I will find out for you about the US situation...
    Kate - thank you. Let us know what you think of the book. Review it on Amazon if you like!

  12. "Something a dinosaur would eat." hehe
    I get such a kick out of you guys...

  13. And it all comes full circle - brilliant. One of my favourite food memories is dipping artichoke leaves in butter on a campsite in Brittany. I'd forgotten about it until then - thanks for reminding me.

  14. Ursula L6:43 PM

    I think you're safe from strange vegetable forces... this is probably a completely obvious butter-force.

  15. Ursula
    You are right. Completely spot on - its the butter that was compelling him to eat the artichoke...
    Still, I suppose I should be grateful - he DID eat the artichoke. About five of them in fact... Charlotte
    Food fiend - it is the best finger food. Butter and artichokes and actually they taste so much better just picked...

    Lori L - Thanks! And they DO look jurassic x

  16. Hi, congrats on your book. Looks like we are on a similar mission! GO MOM AND VEGETABLE EATING KIDS!! I love it!

  17. Mission accomplished....kids that love veggies:D


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