Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Help us celebrate by making a vegetable face....

Last year we asked you all to join us in making vegetable faces.To celebrate reaching the end of the alphabet and the book coming out this week, Freddie and Alex would like to invite you all to send in your 2008 vegetable faces to us. We will send the best one a copy of The Great Big Veg Challenge book! There is a prize for the best entry from an adult and a prize for the best face made by a child.
Go on - you know you want to! Get in touch with your inner child... Send us your faces to our email address which is in the profile. The rules are simple - use vegetables to create a face, photograph it, email it to us with your first name and where in the world you come from...We would love to have faces from people in every continent!


  1. Charlotte--You got our photo, right? Thanks! Sarah

  2. Some creativity shown there by your readers.This is a great way to start the morning with a smile on my face:D

  3. Great fun -- I love seeing these!

  4. Great Big Veg Challenge9:50 AM

    Nowheymamma - yes i did - sorry not to reply.

    Thanks Bellini - sen us one though!!

    Lydia - thank you - can the Perfect Pantry make a face?

  5. Now that was fun to watch.
    Next time my nephews come to visit, this will be one of our projects. Thanks Charlotte.

  6. Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.


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