Thursday, January 25, 2007

Great Chieftan o' the Puddin'-race!

Came back from work loaded with carrier bags containing swede and haggis. I harbour rather dubious claims of being Scottish. I was born in Edinburgh, lived there for 9 years and have a daughter with red hair. But I also have a very english accent which blows my cover. Anyhow despite all that we celebrated Burns Night. Freddie, who retches when faced with a pea, likes the taste and texture of haggis which is perverse. Maybe its the tenuous Scottish genes shining through...
The broad bean soup is happening tomorrow night. It's delayed due to a shortage of broad beans. I had forgotten its out of season. But this evening I found a bag of frozen broad beans in the supermarket which will do fine. So Freddie has the last B in the Great Big Veg Challenge to sample... Shame his enthusiasm for offal and oatmeal doesn't extend to broad beans.

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