Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Carnivore turns Vegetarian....

I have to come clean. It is true that Freddie is being uncharacteristically enthusiastic about eating all these new vegetables. But to be honest at the moment he is also drawn towards the local butchers. Olympia butchers sits on Blythe Road and is a rare survival - an independent family-run food shop in central london. I have noticed that as the hem on Fred's trousers rises up his ankles, his demands for red meat and cheese have become more vocal. He chose lamb chops for lunch and stood in line with his tongue lolling out like a puppy.

This was the chosen accompaniment for Celeriac Lasagne which is a thoroughly vegetarian dish. Now if I can persuade any of you to try just one of the GBVC recipes, this one is Fred's top recommendation. The lamb chop was eaten first but the celeriac lasagne was also devoured. Strange, it just doesn't seem like a family lunch without the tantrums over vegetables...

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  1. Anonymous11:38 PM

    My partner also stands with his tongue hanging out at the butcher shop. He was raised by a family of butchers so it shouldn't be surprising. We are also lucky to have a very good family-run butchers in town and never buy meat from the supermarket any more. The price and quality are worlds apart.

    There is an interesting article about vegetarianism/meat eating here: - it looks at the physical performance of athletes on both diets.


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