Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mapping the Great Big Veg Challenge

An unexpected bonus of the Great Big Veg Challenge is that it has given a boost to Fred's mapping skills. He assiduously spots any newcomers to the blog and adds a football sticker to the country on a world map. Someone from Bhutan visited last month which made us feel like we had established radio contact with Mars. The next best thing would be some Bhutanese vegetable recipes coming our way...
A bleader (blog-reader) from Hawaii appeared on the clustermap last week which was another high-point. There must be some delicious Haiwaiin dishes we could attempt to recreate in our kitchen.
Sarah from Indiana pointed out to us that Celeriac isn't well-known in the States. So we are sorry if you can't join us in trying out the Celeriac recipes. I don't want to make you jealous but you are really missing out on something....How something so ugly can be so delicious is beyond me. It has the consistency of potato with the delicate flavour of celery. And it looks like a wart-covered boulder.
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  1. Miranda12:36 PM

    I can very much appreciate Fred's fascination with which country site visitors come from. I look at my site stats and spend more time than I ought to wondering, for example, just who the three visitors in the past week from China are, which pages they looked at and why. Did they find what they were looking for? This kind of information becomes addictive.

  2. Bon jour Freddy,

    I am that floating red dot in Southwest France. I live on a barge and teach grownups to cook vegetables so they taste good at my cooking school. I noticed you are in the C's, so i am going to post a photo of my favorite C-veg tomorrow- take a guess what it will be? They grow lots around here and they look like frilly green hats in the fields.

    Have fun!
    Captain Cook- the pirate queen and her first mate, Bacon.

  3. Anonymous3:17 AM

    I'm from New Zealand... :) Loving your blog... but unfortunately will not be able to try the celeriac recipes.. have never seen nor heard of it before.. Tho I love your description. Will be trying the cauliflower popcorn at home as my 20 month old is also a vege phobe !! lol

  4. Dorette Snover5:41 PM

    i simply, just adore the idea of this boy looking for to love veggies! i admire and teach oodles of kids and teens both in north carolina (c'est moi) and also tuscany and provence, so to cook, is to dream, and that is EVERYTHING! hope one day i might be able to join in kitchen with him and dream up a marvelous roman verdura fantastico!

    a bientot, dorette


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