Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Runza escapes in West London

In 1949 Sally Everett and her brother Alex Brening knew they were on to a winner when they opened a Runza drive-thru in Lincoln Drive, Nebraska.
Now the state is covered in Runza-outlets and I suspect generations of Runzettes are driving round in large Mercedes.
Freddie and I are indebted to Jack from Nebraska who took the time to introduce us to this cabbage delicacy. He left us various links to recipes for Runza and after much deliberation we followed this one.

This is what they looked like hot out of the oven. Some look like rolls, others like pasties. I can imagine there are heated debates in Runzaries across Nebraska over the preferred shape. But this isn't bad for a wet Thursday evening in London. And considering they are stuffed with large quantities of cabbage (and minced beef) they were surprisingly good. Freddie rates Runza highly. (What's the plural of runza - runzae, runzas, runzii?)
Thank you Nebraska for sharing your special dish with us. And as our third cabbage recipe, Freddie rates it (cue for a drum roll) a Runzatic nine out of ten.

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  1. I like your blog very much
    keep it up!

  2. hej....nice I'm hungry! in my country the "organic" stuff is getting trendier every day.....but I was convinced abou the plastic taste of the american vegetables just before organics appeared on the market....I will remember this blog for nice recipes...but the quesadillas on the photograph are very weird....I mean, we have a lot of quesadillas here, and with many vegetable-fillings (probably made with vegetables you don't even know) but they're like...bigger and in different shape....and are delicious for I really want to eat...thanks for the recipes and keep on it (the boy will be thankful when he gets my age!)

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    Thanks, Paul:)

  4. Anonymous10:27 PM

    I didn't mean to be anonymous - but I haven't a google account nor am I a blogger.

    And I should have signed myself -

    Cheers, Paul(thebread):)

  5. I'm glad you liked my suggestion! Nine out of ten isn't too shabby.

    For the shape, they tend to be sort of rectangular, though the runzas I got at school were more squarish. Yours are the first triangular runzas I've seen, but I'm sure they were delicious all the same.

  6. I happened upon this link looking for different Runza recipes. I was delighted to see them being made in London! I am originally from Nebraska and my husband is from the UK, and he absolutely loves them...he says they remind him of some sort of pies that you can get at Greggs. In fact, I said if we ever move back to the UK we should open a Runza franchise there!

    I make mine in the casserole is quicker and easier to do that way. As an added bonus they freeze very well (both in casserole and individual form) you can prepare a big batch, freeze them and heat them up when you need a quick lunch/dinner.

    The one thing I miss most about Nebraska is the Runza restaurants! Whenever I go home that is the first restaurant I hit up after getting off the plane.

    Jack - my high school made "Bunzas"...the school made up the filling and put it on hamburger buns LOL. I guess it was quicker to make that way!


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