Friday, March 16, 2007

Saved by a Savoy Cabbage

Freddie's Great Big Veg Challenge is back on track. And it is all down to a triumphant performance by a Savoy Cabbage. Hannah ( of BBC Masterchef fame) generously sent us her recipe for Savoy Cabbage and Sausagemeat . This is someone who can strut her stuff in front of a table full of Michelin-starred chefs creating gold-flecked millefeuilles and wow them with wafer-thin tempered chocolate. But that is nothing compared to what she can do with a cabbage. In fact she is the Queen of Cabbages in our house. Freddie took one forkful and announced, "Tell Hannah that she has made the cabbage taste as good as the sausage!" Now that is genius. And Freddie can add cabbage to his list of vegetables that he does, after all, like.


  1. This is funny stuff! Keep it up!

  2. It just came to me that a few years ago we had a Japanese girl volunteering with us and she made us okonomyaki (you can do a google search, plenty of recipes).
    She used savoy cabbage and strips of pork. Of course she brought with her a selection of Japanese foods, so she topped the okonomyaki with dried fish flakes, seaweed and a sauce (forgotten the name though). It was seriously yummy stuff, but it tastes just as great without these specific toppings

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Hi Freddie - So glad that you liked the cabbage recipe - it is yum isn't it and hardly tastes of cabbage at all!
    Let me know if you need any more recipe ideas!


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