Saturday, March 17, 2007

A trip to the farmers pictures

We scootered a mile up the road to visit the Notting Hill Farmers' Market on the weekend. Clearly Notting Hill is not flushed with farmers. Bankers, lawyers and filmstars maybe - but farmers haven't really featured big there for at least two centuries. So Notting Hill imports its cast of farmers from across Britain for a Saturday morning. There is something infectious about the enthusiasm that the apple growers, cheesemakers, oystercatchers and their colleagues show for their produce. Freddie and Alex like this trip because it invariably means sampling lots of food and juice. Freddie was swigging down the Chegworth Valley Apple and Beetroot juice ( wish we had discovered that product earlier on in the GBVC) chomping on apple and pear slices and nuggets of goats cheese. To be honest he was inhaling the food samples rather than eating them and I had to ration him - not wanting the visiting farmers to go out of business.
We are preparing another cabbage recipe for tonight. Its Colcannon or bust.


  1. This is just the most fantastic Blog or even website I have ever come accross.
    I don't know if you have a garden or possibility for window boxes or alotement. But I do know that children will eat veg they have grown themselves, which could be a great advantage point

  2. Patricia
    Thank you. We have great fun creating it together. Our garden is postage stamp sized but we have bought some seeds and ahve some large terracotta planters to grow tomatoes, chillipeppers.
    And at school Freddie is working on a school vegetable plot.
    So we are hoping this will all have a positive effect

  3. Hi Freddie, Mum and Alex
    I found a link to your blog on the River Cottage forum last year - I think it's great and a really inspiring idea. Last week I followed a trail of links from TGBVC to Hannah's Country Kitchen (I watched Master Chef every night and loved reading what the contestants had to say - especially the fantastically talented Hannah. So I was inspired to create my own blog about what's happening in my own vegetable garden (and art studio) - I love growing unusual veg, like purple podded peas, ragged-jack kale and rainbow chard.


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