Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sweetcorn Soup

Come see the butter fly! Now that's the kind of invitation I find hard to refuse. It's Ohio's Route 24 for us, destination Millersport. This is Freddie's kind of town. A place where men and women are rewarded for gorging themselves on corncobs. The occasion is Millersport's annual Sweetcorn Festival which even has its own Festival Queen and court who win the right to tour the state as ambassadors of this revered vegetable. And why not? I particularly like the fact that the reigning queen is a young lady called Natalie from Licking Heights. And no, there is no irony in that - she even attends Licking Heights High School. I think I may have to send Freddie to Licking Heights as he has a very special relationship with buttered corn on the cob. He could be the Prince to Queen Natalie.

The Sweetcorn soup was popular. Thank you to Nupur for this recipe:
Sweet Corn Soup: Puree cooked sweet corn. Add enough water to make the puree soupy. Reheat with a touch of soy sauce, white vinegar and scatter with slices of scallions (green onions/ spring onions).
I made an addition of a handful of finely chopped courgettes and added a vegetable stock cube to the water.
Corn recipes continue. I leave you with my favourite Millersport valedication - Come See the Butter Fly!
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  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    add some coriander and white pepper to the soup too... really lifts it very well.

  2. Anonymous6:58 PM

    hi freddie,
    your blog is amazing!!
    i am gonna try and get my mum to use one of these yummy recipies!!

    keep up the good work
    hope to see you soon

    luv kitty
    (from down the road!!)
    p.s. when you are famous for all of the vegetable things you are doing please can i work for you!!!
    do you have an email address??
    if you do please ask your mum to tell my mum or tell me yourself so that we can talk over email!!


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