Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Corn and Cress Pitta Pockets

Last night's supper was easy - mini pitta bread filled with tuna, sweetcorn and cress with a little mayonnaise.
Freddie is very relaxed this week. The Great Big Veg Challenge has taken him on a very easy ride with corn. I overheard him chatting to an adult who asked him, "So what's changed with you Fred? Why are you trying all these vegetables?". "I haven't changed. I am just the same boy as I was before the Great Big Veg Challenge - it's just that I'm eating differently." I think he is probably right. It's me that has done the most changing. I'm cooking a bit more, trying out new things and not being quite so bad-tempered when he turns his nose up at something. In return he is entering into the spirit of things. It's the opposite of a vicious circle.
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  1. What a wonderful idea! Came here via Alanna and love your blog.

  2. I think the blog is a great idea too.

    I am a culinarily (is that a word?) adventerous carnivore, and my finace is an unadventerous veggie. So now we have moved intogether we are trying out lots of new vegetables.

    Seasonal and Organic too thanks to the box scheme we've joined.

    Our favourite new thing so far is Jerusalem Artichokes. They look a bit funny, and are a pain to peel. But they made a wonderful soup.

    One to recommend when you get down to J.

    Keep up the excellent work.


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