Monday, March 26, 2007

C is for Corn...

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In 1908 the Country Home Guide published this essential advice for corn growers: ".... plant sweet corn in the spring when the leaves of the white oak tree are as large as a mouse's ear or when the soil feels warm to your bare bottom." I was thinking of trying to grow some corn in our small garden in London but we don't have a white oak tree handy nor am I prepared to frighten the neighbours with my bare bottom. Freddie has always loved sweetcorn - it is the one vegetable that he wasn't revolted by. But I would like to widen my repertoire of corn dishes . Do any of you have any irresistible recipes using the latest vegetable in our GreatBigVegChallenge? Send them in or I will be taking more inappropriate advice from the Country Home Guide of 1908.


  1. What a lovely challenge! My two favorite ways to eat sweet corn (both childhood favorites):
    1. Sweet Corn Soup: Puree cooked sweet corn. Add enough water to make the puree soupy. Reheat with a touch of soy sauce, white vinegar and scatter with slices of scallions (green onions/ spring onions).
    2. Baked corn: Mix cooked sweet corn with some basic white sauce (bechamel sauce). Pour into baking dish, top with shredded cheese and cook until bubbly and golden. You could add otehr veggies to the sweet corn too (capsicum/ green pepper is a delicious pair with sweet corn).
    Enjoy, Freddie!

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM

    i second the vote for sweetcorn soup - i do mine differently though. Cook plenty of frozen sweetcorn in boiling water. When cooked, add a veggie stock cube, and using a hand blender blitz up, leaving it fairly chunky and not all smooth. bring to the boil, and add a beaten egg, stirring briskly. Take off the heat, and add plenty of white pepper, chopped coriander and chopped spring onion. Add some soy sauce if it isn't salty enough, and its also good with chilli flakes if Freddie can take it.

  3. Corn is the best! Americans love corn so here are a couple American corn recipes. Also, make sure you get fresh corn on the cob from a farmer's market in late summer and early autumn - that's when the best corn is harvested. The difference between that and what you buy at a supermarket or imported is incredible!

    Corn Fritters:

    Corn Muffins:

    Corn Chowder:

  4. Great Big Veg Challenge10:52 AM

    I love all of these recipes.
    First off I will make the corn chowder and maybe serve it with the corn muffin.
    A cornucopia as it were...

  5. LOL!

    Thanks for the recip visit. Sadly, I'm not posting much these days... must get reinspired!


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